What to do and what to avoid in order tostrengthen your immunity system


So, what to do and what to avoid in order to strengthen your immunity system?

One way or another but in fact each person has several diseases. It is so due to many objective reasons that have place in our life. No one wants to be sick but each of us is still at risk. That is why it is important to figure out which reasons can lead to this and further try to minimize or remove them at all.

Let’s go over these factors and find out what prevents us from living a full healthy life.
The immunity definition and the main reasons of lowered immunity

Immunity is in fact the body’s defense potentials. Our immune system consists of such organs as:
1. Tonsils and adenoids.
2. Thymus gland.
3. Lymph nodes.
4. Spleen.
5. Appendix.
6. Piet’s plates in the intestines.
7. Bone marrow.

All of them produce or accumulate our main defense cells such as macrophages, white blood cells, lymphocytes (white blood cells).

As soon as an organism is attacked by any infection, that is, pathogenic bacteria, microbes, viruses penetrate into it the lymphocytes begin to produce antibodies.
These proteins are the weapons of our immunity – they pounce on the “invaders” and fight with them.

When the immunity system is healthy then lymphocytes are strong and they are in large numbers. Thus the body emerges victorious.

Lymphocytes possess an “immune memory.” This means that if the microbe that they have already noticed once enters the body one more time, the lymphocytes this time meet it with a large amount of antibodies and win faster and easier. Vaccinations are also based on this principle.

If the lymphocytes are staying on guard of our blood health, then in the internal organs ‘cells “colleagues” of lymphocytes – macrophages are working, whose task is to immediately “arrest” bacteria that have got in tissues.

How to increase immunity?

1. Healthy food (food to build immunity)

If we take into account that food is our medicine and vice versa medicines are our food, then food we consume will be called the first factor increasing the immunity’s level. In this context, it is important to consider two principles: to avoid over-eating and eating after 7 pm, that is, not to burden the body with food late at night before going to bed.

It is desirable that it was an organically grown live food without heat treatment. Consuming more natural food helps our body with its digestion process – the autolysis. It also reduces pressure on our body thereby increasing its protective function.

2. Improved drinking water

Water could also be attributed to food but its value is so large that it can be easily put in a separate item. As far as water is involved in all biochemical processes of the body, it must be clean, flowing, structured, saturated with minerals, properly charged.

3. Minerals, micro and macro elements

We get these substances together with the food we consume. When these elements are deficient, a number of problems can arise, such as hormonal problems, problems with the thyroid gland, a skin problem and much more. So it is necessary to eat more organic products reachin these elements.

List of products to increase immunity:
• Citrus fruits
• Ginger
• Garlic
• Onion
• Beetroot
• Citrus fruits
• Greens (spinach, dill, arugula)
• Broccoli
• Nuts (Brazilian, Walnut, Almond …)
• Seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds …)
• Pineapples
• Wheat sprouts juice
• Curative mushrooms

4. Anti-parasitic prophylaxis

There are many parasites that live in human’s body. They can get into one’s body in different ways so it’s almost impossible to keep out of them. Therefore, it is necessary to do anti-parasitic prophylaxis of the body once or twice a year.

There are a lot of anti-parasitic programs which give positive effect. And even if you cannot remove 100% of parasites out of your body but it’s is simply necessary to reduce their number because their presence worsens the health as a whole.

5. Correct sleeping

It’s desirable to go to sleep earlier. The best time for falling asleep is from 11 pm to 3 am – this is a deep phase of sleep. It’s also recommended to sleep in total darkness. It is the main condition for the hormone melatonin’s production. Melatonin is a well-known both growth an anticancer hormone. That’s why complete darkness during sleeping is important for everyone. It is also necessary to turn off all electrical appliances, mobile phones and to do airing before going to bed.

6. Periodic fasting

It is important to make pauses in food rations under the supervision of a physicianfor one – three days or more. Such kind of pauses in eating allows you to restart the immunity system of body, as well as get rid of a number of diseases, including cancer.

7. Carotenes

Carotenes via which vitamins A and E are synthesized are the best protection for thymus cells (thymus gland). The higher their concentration, the more successfully this organ is able to fight against microorganisms.
The spleen also produces protective bodies and must be protected from harmful substances by antioxidants such as vitamins A and E. Pro vitamin A is contained in carrots, spinach, rosehip berries. In turn a big amount of vitamin E is found in vegetable oils. The World Health Organization recommends eating two tablespoons of olive oil a day.

8. Regular consumption of tomato juice

Regular consumption of tomato juice increases the concentration of carotenes in all cells of the body. As for vitamin E, its deficiency in the body is easily overcome by daily eating a tablespoon of vegetable oil- in its pure form or in salads.

9. Healthy and mobile lifestyle

You should walk daily for at least 30-40 minutes; this is exactly the time the body needs to activate the cardiovascular and immunity.

How is lowered immunity shown?

Signs of lowered immunity.
It’s not a secret that the first signs of a decrease in immunity are:
1. Chronic fatigue;
2. Frequent headaches;
3. Frequent colds;
4. Severe consequences after ARVI;
5. Exacerbation of herpes;
6. Swollen lymph nodes;
7. Problems with the spleen;
8. Pain in the joints;
9. Fungus on nails, skin or mucous membranes.

If you have one or more of these signs then it is better not to delay any longer with an increase of immunity: further ignoring the “body signals” is dangerous to health.

Which factors reduce our immunity system

1. Colds and infectious diseases.
This represents a vicious circle – the more often a person catches a cold, the more his immunity suffers. In turn, the worse the immune response of an organism is, the more often a person picks up an infection.
2. Seasonal hypovitaminosis (for example, lack of vitamins D and C in winter).
3. Stress
It is proved that strong emotional and mental stress not only increases the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, but also the production of the hormone acetylcholine, it is otherwise called the “hormone of weakness”, which makes the human immunity system more fragile.
4. Hard diets, protein imbalances, fats and carbohydrates.
5. Abuse of alcohol and cigarettes.
6. Illiterate use of antibiotics.

Advices of doctors for immunity increase

Do immunostimulative drugs weaken the body?

When pathogenic bacteria and viruses enter the blood then blood cells – lymphocytes – begin to produce defensive antibodies. These proteins are the weapons of our immunity – they pounce on the “invaders” and attack them.

We used to dismiss each malaise to the “reduction of immunity” and immediately purchase its stimulants at the pharmacy. In fact, problems with the immune response of the body arise in serious cases – after surgery, implantations, and aggressive antibiotics.

This is interesting

How doctors of private clinics shake us down. But where does fatigue and pale look come from?
In medical practice, it is said that often the cause of weakness, lethargy, pallor, frequent colds turns out to be a smoldering hotbed of an undertreated infection or a hidden allergy, which, especially in small children, often lies behind persistent runny nose and laryngitis.

Also, recent studies have shown that chronic fatigue syndrome in 50% of cases is caused by viruses from the herpes group (including the famous Epstein-Barr virus).

Herpes viruses doze in the body (their lair is in the nerve nodes of the spinal cord) and do not interfere with its normal operation. But against the background of the same SARS or flu, herpes viruses sharply come to life.

And they create a picture of the “fall of immunity”:
– a seemingly causeless fatigue, inability to concentrate, memory impairment, nervousness and irritability over trifles, sleep problems, frequent headaches, reduced sexual desire.

And in order to know exactly the cause of the infection, you need to pass a complete blood test, and a virus test.

If the “viral theory” is confirmed, antiviral drugs are needed (for example, on the basis of acyclovir, which is active against the viruses of the herpes group), multivitamins, and anti-stress agents for normalizing the emotional background.

The conclusions

Big cities’ life limits us in some things, but it is important to stick to our recommendations. Briefly about them: try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have a proper balanced diet, drink clean water and get timely sleep.


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