Main reasons and symptoms of coughing in children and adults


What does coughing mean? A cough, no matter is it wet or dry one, means that your body responds in a natural reflexive way to an external or internal irritant or inflammatory process. For example, cough is often a companion of a cold, and it’s indicating a tracheal lesions or inflammation of the bronchi. But the main indicator of cough is that your body is clogged.

What makes us to cough?

What is the reason of people coughing? The main reason is in accumulated mucus and pus, which the lymphatic system removes from the body in this case in the form of a cough, sometimes with blood.

Of course, it all starts from a simple cold, laryngeal diseases, oral cavity, and can spread to tuberculosis and bronchial asthma that further turns into chronic diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, up to lung cancer.

Cough can be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  1. The body temperature’s increase
  2. Redness of the throat
  3. Skin rash
  4. Acne and porous skin
  5. Different kinds of pain:
  6. Earache
  7. Sore throat
  8. Chest pain
  9. Backache
  10. Headaches and dizziness
  11. Shortness of breath
  12. Spasms and asphyxiation

The main reasons of coughing

What causes a cough? It all starts with the birth of the child, more precisely, with the beginning of his feeding. Why is it so important to focus on children? First of all, it is so because children are less indifferent to us than ourselves.

Secondly, as everything has its start at a small age, so it is necessary to pay attention to the cough right in this period. And in adults, the disease does not appear momentarily, but stretches from childhood.

That is, it echoes the problems that were not cured by doctors at an early age. This is the baggage that we save from birth. What are we saving up?


Pus is a product of the fight of our immunity system with viruses, bacteria and other antibodies.

Where does pus come from? We can say that our pus is taken right with mother’s milk. Purulent mucus tends to gather, like honey in honeycombs, hiding in all convenient places. Usually, the place of assembly is the large intestine, maxillary sinuses, alveoli of the lungs, lymph nodes.

This dangerous nitrogenous product, which is passed to the baby through breast milk, is collected right in the chest lymph nodes of the nursing mother.

It is important to know! Before conceiving a child, the expectant mother needs to carry out cleansing preventive procedures of the whole body.

The main reason of purulent sediments is the food we eat. After all, we know that neither meat nor dairy products can be ever completely disintegrated to the desired amino acids so passing to the duodenum, they are still almost intact.

And, of course, in the form of protein molecules, it is partially absorbed directly into the blood through the mucous membrane of the small intestine.

Therefore, if a nursing mother stops breastfeeding on the advice of doctors or smart grandmothers and begins to feed her baby with mixtures, milk of other animals, dairy products, meat it does not reduce the occurrence of coughing in a child. All animal proteins are antigens and are perceived by our antibodies as alien.

You can do the test by putting a piece of meat and a piece of apple and see how they decompose over time and how they smell.


This is the second thing that affects coughing. Most infections are bacterial and fungal in nature. They are secondary causes and could be enhanced only if the immunity is lowered. They will not affect a healthy organism.

We must understand that they are always present in our body. We get them from inside in different ways: through the air in the form of spores, from animals, through food, dirty hands, etc.

Until a certain time, they appear weakly and only accumulate in the form of slime. At the time of weakening, the balance with this slime outweighs in their side. All diseases with names that end in (IT) are purulent diseases associated with infections or fungi. While normal operation of the immunity system, a strong cough is unlikely.

And why does the organism fight with them?

Due to ingestion mainly through the intestines, viruses and bacteria are perceived as foreign proteins, as antigens that must be destroyed. Therefore, the body reproduces a huge number of immune cells of leukocytes, macrophages, and they are destroying and chasing these alien antigens. We can see it with our eye in our blood under a microscope.

That is, viruses, fungi and bacteria are the same foreign proteins as uncooked food.

Worms and parasites

Surely worms and parasites feel themselves in polluted organism like at home. Eggs of worms and their metabolic products are spread all over the body through blood and lymph, making big problems for the whole organism. So for example, in case of bronchial asthma, roundworm may appear in the lungs through the intestines. 

Medical preparations

Except for smoking, there are some other dangers to the bronchi and lungs. Sometimes prolonged cough without apparent reason is classified as asthma without seizures or non-infectious chronic bronchitis of unknown origin. It’s very strange modern mutually exclusive definition of the disease. Such a misdiagnosis leads to a long-term treatment of an already chronic cough.

To determine the cause of coughing, it is important at a doctor’s appointment to tell all the symptoms that you experience up to the medications you take. It turns out that the annotations of blood pressure (heart) meds it is indicated that coughing may be a one of their side effects.

It’s important.  Always read the description of the side effects of the drugs you are taking.

Low fat diet

It is also one of the most frequent factors of coughing. A lack of fat in the diet leads to the drainage of the lungs – the main consumer of fat. Such kind of a diet can contribute to the development of complex lung diseases such as tuberculosis.

If you remember, in your childhood, when you got a cold your parents gave you something fat, for example, warm milk with a piece of butter and honey.

You can underline again. Lungs need fats. If you have a cough or bronchitis, make sure that there are some fats in your daily diet.

The other factors that cause a cough

  • Chemical damage to the respiratory system. You could inhale with acetone or other chemicals without observing occupational safety procedures.
  • Bruised or broken ribs.

How to determine the reason?

Before treating a cough, it is important to know what the reason of its occurrence is. In some cases of illness, sputum analysis is an effective way to determine if a pathogen is detected. An enzyme immunoassay can also be done.

But an absolutely accurate diagnosis can be obtained by seeding the culture. At least for physicians it is the most reliable proof of the reason of coughing occurrence. After that, the correct course of treatment is prescribed, with the use of drugs, drops and syrups, and in severe cases of antibiotics.

How to stop coughing?

How to stop coughing? The prophylactics of cough should be aimed to enhancing the work of the lymphatic system and cellular cleaning of the whole organism. It is necessary to help it to bring out in a natural way all those sputum, mucus, stagnant pus, green snot, that stagnated in the body.

Nutrition in the period of coughing and generally in the form of prophylaxis, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of food containing starches such as boiled potatoes, rice, bakery products. All this products is desirable not to use.

It’s also recommended to drink enough of ionized water desired warm, to apply herbal teas. You should also eat Glauber’s salt (magnesium sulfate), apply massages, various inhalations, drops, use banks and so on.

The rule! In order to help you get rid of coughing, you need to strengthen it, but not to block the output of mucus and pus.


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