Getting rid of bed bugs using home remedies

How to get rid of the bedbugs in apartment by natural remedies? Which of the most effective home remedies will help to forget about the parasites forever?


Professional exterminators are convinced that it is logical to try to get rid of bedbugs by one or another home remedy only at primary local defeat of a house or apartment.

For example, it’s possible to treat the old carpet or chair with steam or boiling water, but the point is not that it is not too realistic to apply home remedies in the form of turpentine or boiling water to a modern sofa or mattress. After all, after such treatments, there may appear a problem of repairing or drying the sofa.

Nevertheless, of course, in nature there exist such well-designed natural remedies of bed bugs, which can help to achieve the desired effect without damaging the modern interior.

It is believed that removing of bed bugs in home is possible only if you use a whole set of measures, which we will describe in the publication. However, you should understand that searching for guaranteed results you will have to think about using not only folk remedies, but also certain chemicals!

The content
1. Signs of the bed bugs’ appearance
2. Danger of bedbugs for human
3. Home remedies
4. Mechanical tools
5. Chemicals
6. Natural remedies
7. Special remedies from the store

Five signs of bedbugs’ emergence

The following signs may indicate that harmful insects have settled in the house:

  1. 1. The smell of spoiled cognac appeared in the apartment. The unusual smell belongs to the secret secreted by adult bugs. For those who are not good in alcohol, it is difficult to figure out the parasites on this basis;
  2. 2. Inhabitants of the house begin to complain about restless sleep and the emergence of a feeling of crawling pests on the body. In the morning there are numerous noticeable bedbug bites looking like pathways can be seen on arms, legs, and other parts of the body.
  3. 3. On the bedclothes there appear blood spots from bedbug bites. Bedbugs themselves, crushed by a person during sleep, can also be found;
  4. 4. Insect’s feces can stay on the bed or in the bedding. The excrement looks like little dark dots- smudges and remind poppy seeds;
  5. 5. During the molting period you can find a whole warehouse of chitin us shells, dropped by bugs in the apartment. They are usually found in the infected bed, in the slots or in the indentations of the bed.

If at home there is present at least one of these 5 signs, you need to start immediate searching for bugs and their destruction. In order to remove insects from an apartment forever, it will be necessary to put a lot of effort, and this will have to be done almost daily.

Are bedbug bites dangerous to human beings?

At the moment, scientists have not proved that any diseases are carried by bugs, but there are bug-borne microorganisms that can cause a number of diseases, for example:

  1. Hepatitis
  2. Smallpox
  3. Brucellosis
  4. Tuberculosis
  5. Salmonellosis

What should be done after the bite of bedbugs?

If the bite area is very itchy and quickly grows in size, symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, nausea are possible. There were cases when not seeking medical care in time resulted in anaphylactic shock.

Bites of bed bugs cause irritability, nervousness, lack of sleep of a person. After all, the places of bites are much itchy and have unpleasant appearance. A person loses his former performance and stable life. Depression from constant bites can lead a person to a nervous breakdown.

How and by what bedbug bites should be treated?

Annoying bites not only bring inconvenience and nasty feeling, but also look like ugly at the person’s skin.

  1. In order to get rid of itching and inflammation as a result of bites, it is necessary to wash the place with spring water, but water should be warm. Then you can wipe the place of bite with citric acid.
  2. The second way to get rid of the first symptoms of bedbugs bite is using glycerin soap: apply its solution on the skin and let it dry. After 10 minutes, rinse with running water.
  3. The third way of helping the body to cope with allergic reactions is by applying baking soda solution in mushy pasty state on the affected areas of the body. Leave it for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water.
  4. In order to prevent infection under the skin, apply a cream that contains aloea.
  5. The cream called Hydrocortisone perfectly copes with the problem of pain, itching and resolves blisters.

Home remedies of bedbugs

What in such cases comes to the rescue? Of course, long time-tested home remedies!

Before resorting to an effective method, you need to figure out what helps from bedbugs, how it affects bed insects, and whether to use suspicious and sometimes absurd methods!
But it often happens that after applying some means, the bugs begin to claim their rights to the apartment even more aggressively.

Mechanical means

The cheapest home remedy, the effectiveness of which is beyond doubt is to kill the bed bug with slippers. What could be more exciting?

How to do it? We need to the slipper in hand, wait for the night and start to kill the insects crawling out of theirs shelters. The complexity of the process lies in the fact that bed bugs move very quickly, and small larvae are difficult to see.

A vacuum cleaner

A powerful vacuum cleaner is another way of mechanical influence on bloodsuckers. But fighting with them is possible only when a nest of bedbugs was found – it should be carefully vacuumed.

If the owners are lucky enough to catch the majority of adult individuals near the laying of eggs – the parasites’ amount will be much smaller.

To do this, turn on the vacuum cleaner to its maximum capacity, find the place of accumulation of parasites and eliminate them. It is recommended to burn the contents of the dust collector and wash the bag in boiling water.

The procedure is performed when the light is on because the light of electric lamps is not an intimidating factor for parasites. For bait of insects valerian is used because its smell attracts bloodsuckers. In this way, it is possible to slightly reduce the number of the bed bugs’ population, but, it will not be possible to get rid of it completely.

Chemical home remedies

These are more effective folk methods from bedbugs, but not as harmless as the previous ones. In this case for parasites’ destruction we apply chemical fluids which are used for various purposes in everyday life:

  1. Camphorated spirit, ethyl plus turpentine (5 g / 100 ml / 100 ml). This mixture can be used for spraying, wiping the places of concentration.
  2. A solution of water, kerosene, turpentine and soap (10 ml / 15 ml / 100 ml / 30 g) is well mixed and used to lubricate the habitats of insects.
  3. Salicylic acid with turpentine and phenol (3 g / 40 ml / 20 ml) are mixed, and the resulting product is used to wipe the areas of accumulation and spraying nests.
  4. Chlorine (Bleach can be used) has long been identified as a remedy for bedbugs. Floor should be washed with a solution of it with water and it has a devastating effect on bed parasites. But if this chlorine solution turned out to be too acrid, it is better to leave the house for a while in order to avoid an allergic reaction.
  5. Kerosene quickly provokes suffocation in insects by entering their body, soaking it and infiltrating into the respiratory tract. In this there occurs the blockage of airways so the air does not pass, and the bugs die painfully.
  6. Boric acid is used mainly in a dry form (in powder), since bloodsuckers would not eat it in the form of baits. After contact with the parasite’s body, the acid begins to poison it, corroding chitinous cover, entrails and completely drying out insects.
  7. Laundry soap and tar soap. They are used separately and each of them really has the effect, however brief. After cleaning the room with a solution of laundry soap (or tar) with water, the bugs will run off to their neighborhoods, since they cannot stand these specific smells. But there is no guarantee that the insects will not return after some time. However, both of these soaps are advised to use when washing bed linen, if the bugs have infested the bed (this helps to prevent insects from settling there).
  8. Vinegar. Concentrated acetic acid is used for wiping door jambs and bugs’ habitats. The acrid smell scares away the bloodsuckers, and contact with acetic acid can be fatal.
  9. Ammonium chloride is soaked in water and the floor is washed with this solution. Sometimes near the gathering places there arrange tanks with ammonium chloride.
  10. Copper vitriol is mainly used for spraying the premises (for this, the powder is soaked in water). For the prophylaxis this preparation is mixed with wallpaper glue and that will be an obstacle to the penetration of bedbugs into the house for a long.

Which home remedies of bed bugs to choose – everyone will decide for himself. But you should remember about the significant disadvantages of such recipes.

For example

Turpentine in case of accidental contact with clothing will not be able to be washed off, and phenol, if inhaled when preparing the mixture, can provoke a severe poisoning. One way or another, but suffering together with bedbugs due to rather harmful substances and compositions is clearly not worth it even for eliminating of these bloodsuckers.

Thus, not every home remedy is a guarantee for getting rid of bedbugs, and not each of them is safe. You need to be extremely careful with most of the folk recipes. Talking about the effect, it really exist, since these methods are still in use. The only question is whether the result is always noticeable, and for how long.

Natural remedies for bed bugs

Not all aromas which are pleasant for human are the same pleasant for bedbugs. Moreover, the smells of some plants are so disgusting for bloodsuckers that they are ready to run away, just not to feel this “ombre.”

Herbs are dried and laid out in places where insects have accumulated, they are hung with dry bunches around the house, there are made potions for spraying or cleaning the premises, nests of bugs and their secluded corners of live are poured with boiling potion.

If it is not possible to gather the necessary plants to remove bedbugs, you can use essential oils with appropriate smells for the same purpose.
For this lubricate the habitats of insects with oils and spray the house with ether solutions with water. For greater effect, you can mix several oils with unbearable for bedbugs smells.

It is possible to use such plants as scaring means:
  1. Tansy. This is a poisonous plant, and it is not safe for humans. But if you spread out the dry bunches around the house, bed bugs will not withstand such a neighborhood and leave. In order not to do harm for yourself, tansy can only be used in well-ventilated areas and away from children.
  2. Wormwood. Smells of this plant are more suitable for prophylaxis. Clean the furniture and floors with tincture of wormwood mixed with water. If you use wormwood as a mean to destroying bedbugs, then the insects, of course, will leave, but not the fact that far and for all.
  3. Chamomile. It is probably the most effective variant among all plants. Some species of chamomile (for example, Dalmatian) initially contain pyrethrum, which is fatal for bedbugs and some other insects. The dried plant can be crushed and spread around the house, or you can prepare (buy) an alcohol solution of chamomile to treat the apartment 2 times a week.
  4. Calamus. In powder form, the plant can be purchased at the pharmacy. Bedbugs afraid its smell, so you can use calamus for spreading around the apartment, and for making tinctures and decoctions.
  5. Rosemary. Its thin herbal smell is really disgusting for bedbugs, and these insects cannot coexist with rosemary almost physically. Dry branches, essential oils, or made sprays are used.
  6. Lavender. There is a reason why this plant is included in many insect repellents, including bedbugs, for which it is literally unbearable. For usage of lavender it is dried, herbal tea is prepared with it, or essential oil is used.

Additionally, for struggle with bedbugs, vanillin can be used in combination with soda 1: 5. This smell gives noticeable discomfort for insects but does not interfere with people.

Fish oil is quite suitable for lubrication of slots and places of accumulation of parasites, if it is known that the “guests” came from neighbors.

For the fight against bedbugs, these methods are really good, but only on the condition that there are not many insects breed, and the smells of scaring herbs or products stay in the apartment almost constantly. Otherwise, the effect will be short-lived or not at all.

The thermal treatment

Bedbugs are equally afraid of high and low temperatures. Therefore, in order to drive insects away from nesting sites, it is enough to create unfavorable conditions for their existence.


The effectiveness of this method increases if the air temperature is -20 and below. If it is determined that the bugs did not have time to run about the room, and are accumulated only in a concrete piece of furniture, most likely it will be a sofa, then would be enough taking it to the street in winter. This is almost the only home remedy to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

Bed linen, bedspreads and home clothes should be placed in the freezer and left there for several hours. Furniture must be left in the cold for two days. Only in this case, you can count on getting rid of insects.

High temperatures

Another popular natural remedy for dealing with bedbugs is boiling water. It should be poured into the slots and corners where insects’ nests can be located, to process the sofa and other pieces of furniture that are in the room. After treatment with boiled water, mobile objects should be taken out to the open air and left there until completely dry.

The steam generator will have a gentler effect. Steam release occurs at high temperatures, which is no less effective compared to ordinary boiling water. This device can also handle carpets on the wall and floor. After treatment, all items should be well dried.

It must be remembered that methods involving the use of high temperatures can ruin your furniture. Therefore, you should select such weather conditions under which all processed materials will guarantee dry.

The summary

Home remedies are very good in helping in the fight against bedbugs, but, alas, not always effective. But do not prematurely abandon them. They perform a very good result for a long time and saved more than one house from insects. The most important thing is to apply such methods of control in time, and then there will never be problems with these pests.


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